Assignment 1

Hello, Everyone!!

This is my super cool webpage!!

Here Are 3 Things That I Learned From This Week

In this week's required readings I learned about the basics of HTML, its progressive history, and its function of instructing web browsers how to format the web pages that we visit. I am particularly excited about learning how to manipulate this language to produce content and to make it appear or act in a certain way.

Testing Some Tags and Elements!

  1. How to Attach an Image

  2. A cute headshot of me
  3. Fun Fact About Web Design History!
  4. The method of easily dragging and dropping elements on a page requires JavaScript and was first implemented in version 3.1 of Safari around the year of 2008.

  5. How to Create a Hyperlink
  6. One of my favorite songs currently is from Kendrick Lamar's newest album. Purple Hearts has been on repeat!

Area of Interest Within Web Development

User Experience Design

Imran Chaudhri is British-American designer, who created user interface and interaction designs for the iPhone. While at Apple from 1995 to 2017, he was a designer on multiple products including the Mac, AirPods and Apple Watch. Chaudhri has hundreds of patented works. Chaudhri left Apple in early 2017 to form his own technology company, Humane. I find him particularly interesting because I heard him give a keynote speech at a recent Tech summit where he spoke about he pioneered the ideology of human computer interaction and human-centered design at Apple. Chaudri was an integral part of the development of the technology that a majority of us use daily.

Here is a link to his LinkedIn page.

Final Project Brainstorm

I would like to make my final project a webpage that connects you to affordable and relevant resouces to learn a new skill, specifically within the tech field. Many students wondering how to get certifications is s new field of study such as UX design, project management, or data science are often overwhelmed by the amount of options available to them with no means of how to gauge what is best to use.