My Dream Jobs

Dream Job Bio

User Experience design/ development is the ideal job for me because there aren’t too many jobs out there that combine both creativity and analytical thinking. This field of technology particularly interests me because on the one hand, you’ll need to conduct user research and analyse the results, identifying trends and patterns in the data. At the same time, you’ll need to be creative when it comes to generating ideas, collaborating with UI designers on visual aspects, and coming up with solutions to problems. Also a UX designer, I’ll be doing meaningful work. As the world of UX sets its focus on inclusive design, more companies and design teams are looking for ways to create products and experiences that are more inclusive than ever, and this has a direct impact on users who are often excluded based on their abilities, race, gender, identity, or background. UX designers have the power to create a world that works better for users along the full spectrum of humanity!


Product Designer

This job would be great because the work environment at Apple is more mature than what you might find at other tech companies. Working at Apple would also mean being surrounded by professionals with excellent work ethic. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by some of the sharpest minds in my industry would motivate me everyday at work. Also working within this position at Apple I would be creating innovative products and taking part in developing new product categories that I even use myself as a consumer. Not to mention that working with this reputable company makes you look very competitive against other applicatns if I ever chose to pivot from this company.


Senior Design Manager

Google attracts and keeps talent with its competitive salaries. Google is a top competitor for companies that I would like to work for because they are known for paying above market for its employees. It has also been said that working with Google is nearly stress-free because managers do not micro manage and the company encourages a culture of transparency. I also align with the companies mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Everything about this company speaks to me!


UX Designer, Connections

It would be great to work with Amazon because a wide variety of careers are available at Amazon as well if my interests ever change. Amazon’s benefits for employees begin on day one, offering a range of support for employees and eligible family members. Also, Amazo embraces diverstiy. A welcoming and inclusive culture is cultivated through 13 employee-led affinity groups with local ‘chapters’ across the world. Amazon is also not only innovative but helps the commnity as well. Through employee-led initiatives, Amazon supports millions of people through community programmes, including donations and hands-on support where it’s needed.