Writing for the Web

Website Examples

Writing Outwardly

This website showcases the web writing principle of writing outwardly because it shows that the websites purpose is to provide information for the user it shows the central idea and expands out words about how to create a website in depth the steps needed to be taken in the benefit of this why it matters what it means to the user and all in all what is being offered by the webpage. it breaks texts into chunks with headers and separated paragraphs with different topics.

Don't Bury the Lead

This website showcases the web writing principle of not burying the lead because it has a clear purpose and objective for the beginning of the page and prioritizes the fact that users read quickly and minimally so it eliminates redundant things that are irrelevant or trivial. The main purpose of the page is bolded and presented first and foremost.

Not Saying Too Much

This webpage showcases the web writing principle of not saying too much by minimally cutting out unnecessary information and using brief paragraphs to explain everything that’s needed. As seen in the title these are only five reasons listed as to why I portfolio is important and each paragraph does not go too far into detail. It is frontloaded, plain and scannable.

Call to Action

This website showcases the web writing principle of making a strong call to action because there are multiple buttons on the screen that prompt the user to get started using this webpage as resources after each explanation of text. they are very clear indicators to complete an action using this webpage and these calls to actions are clear and compelling.