Student Webpage Review

Your Name

Eberechukwu Ojinnaka

Other Student's Name

Izzy Baladez

Other Student's Website

Online trading for DIY items

3 Strengths About Her Website

Just to begin, my partner did not have a finished draft for her final project, so there was not very much for me to critique other than her wireframes, creative brief and visons for her final webpage. I provided feedback on these items to give her something to move forward with from an objective view.

Website Concept: Izzy's goal is to create a webpage that serves as a "marketplace" for users to be fashionable and keep up with the latest trends by swaping items and learning about DIY project ideas. She is going to have a Pinterest style webpage where users can view a gallery of images of DIYs from other buyers/sellers. Her website concept is both beneficial to society as well as interesting to attract her target audience.

Website Layout: The website is divided into multiple pages: the homepage, zero waste swaps, DIY's and an about section. Based on her wireframes, I thought that it was a strategic choice to have the swaps and DIY's available for viewing on the homepage and their own individual pages. This is the main focus of her site to learn from other creators and to swap items, so a user should be able to see this as soon as they log onto her webpage. Her website is very image focused which will keep a user engaged. The option for a community page also gives users the ability to converse with one another about swaps or DIY's which I thought was a greaat addition to the different pages within this site.

Color Palette: Although I could not see it implemented on the website, Izzy was able to show me her chosen color palette for the website which I really liked! She chose a mixture of warmer and more neutral colors that compliment one another very well and work with the purpose of her website because they feel "artistic".

3 Areas in Need of Improvements/Things to Consider

Website Maintainence: Izzy's goal is to create a webpage that serves as a "marketplace" for users. Being able to manage this large amount of data would potentially be difficult to do over a long period of time. While I do agree that this is a great idea, as a novice website developer it may not be reasonable in a realistic sense. The scope of this project is not necessarily something that can be completed rather than I guess just having the frame work created.

A lot of moving parts: Given that this website is divided into multiple pages: the homepage, zero waste swaps, DIY's this must mean there is both a user facing and swapper facing webpage. Would that be created as well for this project? To what extent will Izzy be building this webpage? I am not sure if the complexity of this project is something that can be achieved in the short amount of time that we have remaining in this course. The skills needed to create these forms for submitting images and listing items to trade may be beyond what we have learned thus far in our course.

Typography: From previous projects, typography has been somewhat hard to read on top of the background pattern. Using a sans-serif font family that coordinates well with the webpage's theme can overall improve the user's expereince when navigating the website. This is definitely something for Izzy to consider even though she will not necessarily be filling up the page with mostly text.