Assignment 3

Required Reading Q&A

Do's and Don'ts of Web Design

From the Do's and Don'ts of Web Design, provide a link to an example of a violation of number 6.

Here is a link to The Yale School of Art Homepage. Although notorious for the design of this website, from a user experience standpoint, Yale created a poor design with disjointed typography, confusing visuals and elements that appear clickable but are not.

Better User Experience Through Storytelling Part 1 and Part 2

How can framing your project in a story format help you refine your ideas?

Story telling and the creation of a design solution are similar in their structural elements. Planning, research and content creation are the basic steps of developiong an experience whether it be a movie, written work or digital product. Formulating my project into a story would allow me to convey the complex meaning of my concept to my users by centering them as the theme. Everyone knows the that stories have plot, characters, theme and so on. During the creation of my project I will imagine personas based upon my observations in order to understand this emotional portion of the user expereince. Framing my project in this way will urge me to tell a story that is releveant and evocative to it characters.

Meet Your Type: A Field Guide to Love and Typography

What are different ways to establish hierarchy (or emphasis) in typography design?

Heirarchy is established to convey order of importance. Emphasis on specific text can be created by manipulating size, weight, color, style and placement of various types. Here is a website that provides an article both explaining and showcasing typographic hierarchy.

Creative Brief


More than 30% of college graduates find that they are not using their degree in their current occupation. More often than we believe, grads often shift careers thus requiring some form of informal training or supplemental knowledge. Specifically within the technology industry, what are the best options for this? There are so many available options for bootcamps, certifcations and online courses, but which ones are the most cost effective and specialized for your career aspirations? Herein lies the issue, these resources are not cultivated into a central location and users often feel overwhelmed pinpointing the most efficient resources.


Individuals pursuing a new career opportunity within technology in need of supplemental education. The anticipated audience is current college students, recent graduates, indiviudals without higher education or simply anyone looking to pivot careers in need of resources.


There are currently few other resources that offer this combination of services. However, our main competitor, Career Karma, is a black-owned company that serves a similar purpose in helping individuals kickstart their tech careers by connecting them with the information, tools and support needed. Other online learning platforms that market their own academic content include Udemy and Career Foundry

Key Messages

Individuals are constantly pivoting to new career paths and requiring innovative platforms to meet their thirst for knowledge and learning new skills. This product provides motivated learners the resources and tools to pave a clear path towards their career goals.

Call to Action

When the target audience sees our campaign they will be able to determine the easiest path to reach their career goals and find resources and support along the way.

How to Measure Success

Success would be measured by registrations to the website, the amount of courses completed, and job secured by users utilizing the platform.