The Six Thinking Hats

Blue Hat


The blue hat acknowledges the problem statement and the benefits of a potential solution by addressing the goal. I discussed with the person that I interviewed that alot of individuals do not know where to kickstart their UX career. There is an overwhelming amount of resources, but no collection of the best ones to use. Our goal is to connect people to efficient resources that meet their needs and get more designers into the industry. The most effective way to solve this problem would be to address the fact there early designers do not have any sense of direction by compiling resources into one single and organized location.

White Hat


The white hat covers fact, figures and defining information needs and gaps. The information that we have on the subject is that more than 30% of college graduates find that they are not using their degree in their current occupation. It would be very valuable to know a lot of answers to some additional questions such as:

This information can be procured by surveying individuals or monitoring how quickly new designers gain entry-level positions through online-schooling.

Green Hat


The green hat is for creativity, alternatives and interesting proposals. When discussing with the person I interviewed they suggested some things that I had yet to consider such as adding a calendar feature for the conferences tab for easy scheduling or being able to apply for jobs directly within the website. We could be missing an opportunity to have community based forum for recommendations to resources and networking. Other websites are providing their own resources as well as recommending users to external websites.

Yellow Hat


The yellow hat is the logical positive, it offers something to look forward to the results of some proposed action but it can also be used to find something of value in what has already happened. This might be attractive to users because it is a necessary resource and there is a potential market for this product. This resource will help connect users to jobs and one another looking for work as well as help create community. This resource will give users direction in tackling a new career field and is helpful to those who cannot afford formal schooling. If it had proper Search Engine Optimization it would appear to the correct people.

Red Hat


Red Thinking Hat

The red hat covers intuition, feelings and emotions, allowing the thinker to put forth any contrary opinions without any need to justify it. This webpage might not be successful because it may not get enough clients because of diverse options of resources already available. This website is for a niche group of people so not many people will use it, the target audience is small. This idea in realtity can be difficult to execute.

Black Hat


The black hat is a logical negative, it signifies logicla judgement and caution. Maintaining this website could become complicated because I may need to barter relationships with the various companies that I am recommending. A lack of valued information (price comparisons, options, directed links) would deter a user. If my webpage made poor referrals to courses that are not quality, users would be upset and not return to using the application.

How This Exercise Changed My Views

This discussion changed my perspective on my project because it allowed me to address many of the things that I was potentially missing from creating a great solution such as additional features. This discussion also brought to my attention the potential flaws that I can make that would prevent my webpage from being successful. I also raised more important questions which garner answers that will be helpful for adding features to my webpage and curating the information.